Basic principles of Naturopathy state the complete picture of the natures working mechanism and the proper distribution and utilization of vital power along with enhancing the quality and quantity of the vital force.


The treatments in naturopathy give the helping hand and space to the natures healing force to take over the diseased condition and bring about healing.

The 10 basic principles which are the foundation for practice of naturopathy are:


  1. Nature heals itself.
  2. Main cause of disease is enervation.
  3. Deposit of metabolic end products in the body is disease.
  4. Acute disease is remedial process-itself a cure.
  5. Food is a building material, does not increase vitality.
  6. Fasting provides an opportunity to the body to heal itself.
  7. Germs do not cause disease but are found in diseased condition/ seed is nothing soil is everything.
  8. Exercise or physical activity keeps balance between nutrition and drainage.
  9. Treatments give only relief, do not cure.
  10. Patients own will to get well, determination and faith are necessary for nature cure treatments.



The basic objective of the health care system is prevention of disease. Naturopathy has its basic foundation on the idea and its core development to the level in order to accept correct living and following the nature's law to make it a lifestyle.



The different treatment modalities developed from the basic concept of the five elements of nature i.e PANCHAMAHABHUTAS are aimed at producing different therapeutic effect which in turn leads to prevention of disease and cure.



Treatment modality : Mud therapy (mud pack, mud bath, local mud application)

Mud is used extensively as a remedial agent due to its refreshing, invigorating and vitalizing effect.

The minerals and elements present in the mud provide it an excellent healing property.

Mud application helps to get rid of the spots and tanning of the skin and thus improves the skin complexion.

Application of mud helps to relax the tight muscles.

Due to its cooling property it helps to improve the circulation.

Mud when applied locally helps to relieve inflammation.

Helps to nourish the skin and makes the hair soft and healthy.



Treatment modality : Hydrotherapy (baths, packs, compress, immersion, douche, effusions, water drinking). The water is used in all forms steam, liquid, solid at different temperature and pressure to bring the desired effects.

Helps in detoxification.

Nourishes the skin and improves skin condition.

Improves the functioning of the visceral organ.

Balances the secretion of body fluids and maintenance of Ph.

Improves range of movement of joints and maintains the flexibility of joints.



Treatment modality :  Heat (Sun bath, athapa snana, sun/ colour charged water, chromothermoleum etc.)

Sun bath leads to the vitamin D synthesis.

Heating modalities lead to increase circulation and muscle relaxation.

It has germicidal effect and thus helps to prevent infection.

It has analgesic effect.



Treatment modality : Pranayama, Breathing exercises, air bath.

Improves the gaseous exchange at cellular level, also improves capillary circulation.

Opens up the dormant alveoli.

Collateral circulation set up.



Treatment modality :  Fasting therapy

According to the laws of Naturopathy, the common cause of all diseases is the accumulation of waste matter in the body; which principally results from overeating and the sedentary lifestyle. This leads to overburden the digestive system and results in slowing the process of digestion and elimination.

The process of disease is natures attempt to clear the body of these impurities. Now the disease can be got rid of by reducing the food intake or by fasting, which helps in process of elimination and purification.