Naturopathy is a pseudoscientific practice termed as non-invasive, natural and as promoting self healing.

The ideology and methods of naturopathy are based on vitalism and indigenous. It focuses on holistic approach and often completely avoiding the use of surgery and drugs.

The philosophy of nature cure or naturopathy believes that disease will be cured by eliminating its root cause not the symptoms. Theories believe that cause of the disease is accumulation of morbid/toxic/foreign matter and removal of that accumulated matter is its supreme remedy. Nature cure thoroughly believes the concept of PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. It is best way to detoxify your body, and reclaims health.

Naturopathy involves various therapies like,

Hydrotherapy; It is a system of treating ailments by using water internally and externally, sometimes called as water therapy or Hydropathy. For the treatments of the ailments we took advantage of the physical and chemical properties of the water. It can be given in the form of

  • Packs (GH, kidney, arm, leg, neck, head, full wet sheet with the suitable tempareature)
  • Compress (cold, hot, neutral and alternate on lacalised area)
  • Baths (hip, spinal, foot, arm with the suitable temperature)
  • Irrigation (colon hydrotherapy, enema)

Temperatures used in hydrotherapy;

  • Very cold; 32-55 degreeF
  • Cold; 55-65 degreeF
  • Cool; 65-80 degreeF
  • Neutral; 92-98 degreeF
  • Hot; 98-104 degreeF

Fasting therapyIt is the abstinence from taking food for the specific period of time in the view to give your body freedom from its ailments. Fasting can be prescribed for the short, intermediate as well as long duration based on the condition of the patients and the result they want. It is an excellent tool for weight loss. In therapeutic fasting nutrientintake is enough to maintain vital tissues like heart and muscles, ideally there will be an additional supply of co-factor for liver enzymes required to deal with the breakdown of fat and removes the toxins.

Diet therapyIt is application of nutrition as a preventive or corrective treatment of disease. This usually involves the modification of an existing dietary lifestyle plan may be developed for the purpose of eliminating certain foods in order to reclaim health. Therapeutic diets are modified for nutrients, texture and food allergies or food intolerances. It is a method of eating to improve health for prescribed by a physician. Diet therapy involves the modification of an

existing dietary lifestyle for good health. Some common therapeutic diets are clear liquid diet, full liquid diet, high fiber diet, renal diet, pureed diet, food allergy modification etc. It is branch of dietetics related with the use of food for therapeutic purposes. It is ordered to maintain, restore and correct nutritional status, to decrease calorie for weight control, provide extra calorie for weight gain. It also balances amount of carbohydrate, fat and protein for control of diabetes. Basically naturopathy involves or focuses on 3 types of diet those are eliminative diet, smoothening diet, constructive diet.

Manipulative therapyIt is the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of normalizing those tissues and consist of manual techniques that include applying fix or movable pressure, holding and causing movement.

Movements  involved in the Swedish massage ;

  • Touch
  • Stroking
  • Friction
  • Kneeding
  • Vibration
  • Joint movement
  • Percussion

ReflexologyIt is the system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that believes there are reflex points on the feet and ad hands which resembles or linked to every oragan of the body.

It is a unique method involving application of pressure by tip of the fingers without usuing any kind of lubrication.

Chromo and magneto therapyCTMT are the therapies emphasizes on the techniques treatment modalities through application of various colors and magnates. The treatments of the color are done under the visible spectrum of the electromagnetic radiation.

The objectives of the CT are chromochemistry,  chromodiagnosis, chromotherapeutics, color healing chromomentalism  and the objectives of magneto therapy involves effects of different types of magnets, lead system, magnetic field and power magnets.

Yogic therapyYogic therapy is the most needful gift one got by the practice of yoga. It is a tool which sharpens the mind. It can be defined as the application of the yogic principles with the objectives of achieving a particular physiological and psychological goal. It slows down the hyperactive mind, relaxes the body, activates the depressed mind.

The basic principles of yoga therapy ;

  • Pachkosha theory
  • Tridosha theory
  • Panchamahabhuta theory

Modalities involves in the yogic therapies are;

  • Physical therapies; asanas, kriyas, mudra, bandhas, pranayamas.
  • Emotional/mental therapies; pranayamas, meditation, bhajan, relaxation techniques
  • Intellectual therapies; trataka, swadhyaya