Naturopathy believes in the theory of “unity of disease and unity of cure”; largely correlated with the morbid matter theory, toxaemia theory and the panchamahabhutatheory.

This modality is an art, science and philosophy; it corrects and teaches the 'art of living the life'. It helps to heal the person at all different levels of its existence be it physical, mental, emotional, psychic, intellectual or spiritual.



Prithvi/Earth : Mud Bath, Mud pack and Local Mud Application.

Aap/Water : Hydrotherapeutic Treatments, compresses, baths, douche, immersions etc.

Tej/Fire : Sun Bath, athapa snana, colour charged water, chromothermoleum etc.

Vaayu/Air : Breathing Exercisies, Air bath.

Akash/Ether : Fasting Therapy.

The supportive treatments like Yoga, acupuncture, herbology, reiki healing, physiotherapy nutrition and dietetics help to make the system multidisciplinary and holistic.

Treatment modalities are varied and evolving with the diverse understanding of working of the human mechanism of body and mind viz. Mud therapy, hydrotherapy, manipulative therapy, fasting therapy, diet therapy, yoga therapy, acupuncture etc.



Basis of different treatment modality which we can categorize are:


Detoxification :    Removing the impurities from blood in the liver, kidneys, intestine, lungs, lymph and skin.

Eliminative :        Helps remove the toxins out of the body.

Rejuvenative :     Restores the vigour, revive all the vital functions.